Recover API Errors

Error HTTP Status Codes#

Note that all non-error HTTP responses have a status 200 OK.

CodeStatusAdditional Info
400Bad Request
404Not Found
415Unsupported Media TypeUsed when the request has the wrong content type. For example, if the request body should be JSON (which all requests should be), but the actual body contains text.
422Unprocessable Entity
500Internal Server Error

Error Object#

When the Recover API encounters an error in the request or its internal processes, it returns a status 4XX HTTP response with an error object.

Error Schema#

KeyTypeRequiredAdditional Info
statusIntegerTrueAccord API error code. See below Error Codes section for more information on these.
msgStringMessage explaining the reason for the error. Generalized per endpoint.
errorInfoJSONAdditional JSON (usually String or Object) with further information about why the error occurred. Specific for the request. If there is no data for the errorInfo, the field contains the value null.

Error Example:

// Response with status 400 Bad Request
"code": 104,
"msg": "Comments must be smaller than 500 characters",
"errorInfo": null

Error Codes#

CodeTypeMessageAdditional Info
102INVALID_REQUESTMessage varies.Error message contains information about why the request was invalid.
104INPUT_ERRORMessage varies.General error used when there was an error with the input data. The error message contains more information.
"Person does not exist."
"CreditorCustomer does not exist."
"Creditor does not exist."
"Object already exists."Used in cases where the server enforces unique entities.
115OBJECT_EXPIRED"Object expired."
"Email address does not exist"
"Payment Plan does not exist"
"Debt Log Entry does not exist."
"The following Debts do not exist."Used when debts in the request do not exist in the system, although they should. Also returns a list of the debts that do not exist within the system
"Postal address does not exist"
202IN_PROGRESS"Request is being processed."
304NOT_MODIFIED"Resource has not been modified"
403FORBIDDEN"Insufficient privileges"Error returned when the user tries to access a resource that they don't have access to. A common reason for this error is if the user fails to include the X-TA-CREDITOR header.
"Object does not exist."
408TIMEOUT"Request timed out."
Message varies.Used when the request doesn't satisfy server requirements. See message for details.
451COMPLIANCE_ERRORMessage varies.Used when backend compliance checker system deems an action to be in violation of legal/compliance obligations.
500INTERNAL_ERROR"Internal error occurred"Unspecified error occurred with the TrueAccord backend.
501NOT_IMPLEMENTED"Not implemented."